Identify idle & surplus assets, seamlessly Redeploy or compliantly Remarket to a global audience

Getting Started With AssetLink

What is AssetLink?

AssetLink is your platform for identifying idle and managing surplus assets, whether machine tools, inventory, materials or tooling.

AssetLink is aligned back to your company’s goals and objectives, and ultimately enables a three-step process, Identify & Spec > Redeploy > Remarket 


Redeploy equipment, inventory and materials across your organization using the Redeployment Marketplace.

Extend this functionality to key suppliers and across your supply chain.


Remarket surplus assets through a compliance-first approach, to a global marketplace with over 10,000 registered industrial buyers.

Mark assets as available for
Remarket assets through the Link Warehouse, our global marketplace with over 10,000 registered buyers.

Scale a proven-process across your manufacturing locations

Company Onboarding

The process to onboarding your organization into AssetLink is simple, but requires some “pre-work”.

A single onboarding template allows us to complete your on-boarding process in an accurate and timely manner.

Step 1

Download Template

Step 2

Submit Template

Not familiar with our program?

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